About the Tool

About the Tool

About your results

OptumHealth provides these results to help you estimate your future health care costs and your out-of-pocket expenses. The results provided represent an approximation based on the information you entered in the calculator, and the assumptions described on this site.

Estimates are based on a proprietary database of $14.7 billion in claims that incorporates costs associated with various health conditions. To provide your estimate, OptumHealth adjusted the results based on information you provided (for example, your age, height, and weight). Estimates reflect the median range of projections; therefore, half of all individuals consistent with your selections have higher costs and half have lower costs. OptumInsight reviewed historical commercial and public sector health care data to determine an average medical trend assumption.

OptumHealth has provided a breakdown of all payments made on your behalf regarding the cost of future medical care. OptumHealth has assumed that you are eligible for, and have selected, Medicare as your primary insurance and that you are enrolled in Parts A, B and D. Average annual premiums for Medicare Part B and D are included in your Total Health Care Costs estimate (Medicare Part A is free if you or your spouse made payroll contributions to Social Security for at least 10 years). Supplemental coverage is not assumed.

While no one can predict your future health, you may want to consider your current health and personal lifestyle as they can be leading indicators of what to expect. Furthermore, actual costs will vary based on a variety of factors, including your choice of treatment, available health insurance, general health, and your length of retirement.


About OptumHealth

OptumHealth helps more than 60 million Americans stay healthy, get healthy or live with health conditions. OptumHealth is a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company.


The results provided are for informational purposes only. They represent an approximation based on the information you provided, along with the following assumptions:

Estimated total health care costs during retirement include payments that are likely to be made to hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies based on the conditions and number of individuals that you selected. The estimate does not include any costs associated with any type of long term care. Any premiums or costs associated with supplemental Medicare coverage or private insurance coverage are not included in this estimate.

If you tell us that you plan to retire at or before the age of 65, the estimate assumes that your Medicare (medicare.gov) coverage will begin at age 65.  If you tell us that you plan to retire after the age of 65, the estimate assumes that your Medicare coverage will begin at the retirement age you select.

If you have indicated that you are currently contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA), the calculation assumes that your annual net contributions will continue until age 65. The calculation also assumes that any rate of return defined for the HSA will be earned until your HSA balance is depleted, or until you reach the life expectancy age you provided. HSA surplus dollars, if applicable, are calculated for life expectancy age you provided us.